Our History

On May 3, 2013, an anonymous post appeared on NYU Secrets┬álamenting how the submitter only had $25 to feed himself for 2 weeks. Immediately, dozens of NYU students offered to swipe or buy him a meal for someone they’ve never met.

Jon Chin thought there must be a better to share food. Social media is a great platform for many things, but not for coordinating people who haven’t met yet.

In just 24 hours, a prototype of Share Meals was developed and launched. In our first week, we matched 400 students and had another 400 meal swipes waiting.

Since then, Share Meals has become an official NYU club under the co-founding team of Jon Chin, Jimmy Kim, Darien Cheng, Earl Co, and Vishnu Bachani. The organization is looking to expand onto other college campuses and spread awareness on the issues of college hunger and affordable nutrition for students.

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