Join Our Team

As Share Meals begins to grow, we need your help to ensure that we keep operating at our maximum potential. Here are a few ways that you can help; we're also open to any suggestions you have! To follow up, email us at


Description We need some help defining and refining our visual identity. No major overhauls; just tweaking our colors, fonts, common design elements, etc. This will apply to our web presence, our app, and our print material.

Requirements Strong visual communication skills

Commitment approximately 10 hours, one time commitment

Social Media Manager

Description We need someone to maintain a consistent social media presence. For most days, this will be sharing news, updates, and articles on food security issues. When we are running specific marketing campaigns, the social media manager will work with other team members to highlight those messages. Using, multiple posts can be queued up for the week.

Requirements Ability to write short, tantalizing summaries for posts

Commitment approximately 1-2 hours a week

Food Item Procurement

Description As we roll out our Smart Pantry, we need to establish business partnerships to stock them with appropriate food items. This includes both the items that we distribute for free and items we sell at a premium.

Requirements Strong written communication skills, great interpersonal skills, eye for business and unit economics

Commitment Team member, long term

Junior Computer Engineer

Description Our digital products, namely the website and app, need occassional maintenance. This includes bug fixes, updates, implementing minor features, and extending existing features, to name a few. This position will work with guidance and support from senior engineers.

Requirements NodeJS, AngularJS, and git knowledge

Commitment Fluctuates; 5-10 hours per week during high need times, 2-3 hours during low need times

Legal Services Advisor

Description We need someone to advise and oversee some miscellaneous legal services, namely copyright and patenting.

Requirements relevant legal knowledge

Commitment approximately 10 hours, one time commitment