Our Initiatives

Feed the Rock Survey

We harness the power of memes to gather statistical data on unused meal plans in a viral, self propagating way. The scale of unused swipes is made more accessible by translating first into the Big Mac Index and then to a professional wrestler's 4,000 calorie a day diet.

Open Kitchen

The Open Kitchen is a series of free community cooking classes where we show students foundational skills in cooking, sanitation, nutrition, and shopping. Each class is centered around a cultural cuisine and after we cook together, we eat together.


We redirect excess club funding to purchase ingredients and pack 150+ sandwiches for our fellow students. We stock existing community fridges around campus as a way to provide extra nutrition during stressful times, like final exams.


Undergraduate students learn the skills to plan, communicate, and execute change in social impact areas they are passionate about. They attend closely crafted workshops and travel across the country to lead workshops themselves. Read More