Hunger Action Series 2018


Two weeks of coordinated, action oriented events where student organizations and administrative departments support each others' efforts to end food insecurity and empower new students to join the cause.

Action Oriented

If you describe a beautiful home to a student, they might just nod and smile. If you help them place the first brick, they'll want to finish the rest.

Every event in the series will have an action component, where participants can affect change with their own hands and hearts. Some events will be heavily focused on action, such as reseeding a community garden. Other events will end with a smaller ask: sharing a social media post or taking a survey.

Regardless, the message is the same: here is your first step.

Hunger and Food Insecurity

The popular perception of hunger is roughly this: stomach pains, empty refridgerators, and sluggish thoughts. However, there are several gradients before someone reaches that state. This is called food insecurity and can consist of one or more of the following:

  • Eating smaller portions or skipping meals to save money
  • Eating lower quality food than you want to in order to save money
  • Inability to afford a balanced meal
  • Worrying if you'll run out of food before you can afford more

You can be food insecure without being hungry and the effects can still be devestating. We only use the word Hunger in our promotional material because it has widespread recognition; as the general public better understands the issue, we will switch over to the more accurate label: food insecurity.


Food insecurity is such a pervasive problem that we need a diverse set of skills and partners to eradicate it. A sample of solutions include:

  • Reducing waste, increasing efficiency at the farm, transportation, retail, and consumer level
  • Providing nutritional and culinary education in childhood, early adulthood, and parenthood
  • Giving out meals
  • Spreading information about resources, classes, and opportunities
  • Making healthy food cheaper and more accessible
  • Fostering active mindsets to address food insecurity


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