Our Mission

Share Meals is dedicated to ensuring all college students are food secure. We want to empower them to strengthen their own communities through sharing food and we accomplish this through technology, activism, and advocacy.

Understanding the Need

The Share Meals App

Share Meals is a digital platform where students can share extra meal swipes and post extra food from club events with students who are food insecure. It works in real time, based on your location. You can find extra food within a 5 minute walking distance with one quick glance.

Rise Against Hunger

"For many people, college is really the last time that they're asked to think critically. If we can catch them at this crucial juncture and show them that being responsible for the people around them is powerful and fulfilling, then when they go out to become the leaders of tomorrow, they'll have that compassion with them," said Chin. read more

NC State University

Clinton Hunger Leadership Award

The New York Times

Mr. Chin started Share Meals to tackle "hunger and loneliness." He encourages donors and recipients to sit down and talk. Ms. Suarez ate several times with a couple receiving her swipes, and she has ordered takeout so often for Mr. El-Sayigh that she has nicknamed him Curly Fries. "He messages me whenever," she said. She places the order; he picks it up. read more

Laura Pappano, The New York Times
Leftover Meal Plan Swipes: No Waste Here


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NYU Hunger Action Series 2018

Organizers' Information

Vision Two weeks of coordinated, action oriented events where student organizations and administrative departments support each others…read more

Universities Fighting World Hunger Call for Speakers 2018

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