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Stronger Campuses Sharing Food

Stronger Campuses Sharing Food

Our Mission

Share Meals is dedicated to ending hunger and social isolation on college campuses. We develop web / mobile apps, advocate for university-wide policy changes, and organize public service events. We empower students to strengthen their communities through sharing.

Rise Against Hunger

"For many people, college is really the last time that they're asked to think critically. If we can catch them at this crucial juncture and show them that being responsible for the people around them is powerful and fulfilling, then when they go out to become the leaders of tomorrow, they'll have that compassion with them," said Chin.

NC State University Announce Clinton Hunger Leadership Award Winner

Clinton Hunger Leadership Award
The New York Times

Mr. Chin started Share Meals to tackle "hunger and loneliness." He encourages donors and recipients to sit down and talk. Ms. Suarez ate several times with a couple receiving her swipes, and she has ordered takeout so often for Mr. El-Sayigh that she has nicknamed him Curly Fries. "He messages me whenever," she said. She places the order; he picks it up.

Laura Pappano, The New York Times
Leftover Meal Plan Swipes: No Waste Here


We are rich only through what we give


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How Malaysia is Building a Resilient Society through Youth Engagement

Today’s blog is from a guest writer, Khairul Saleh in Malaysia, and shares how his part of the world is helping achieve the UN SDGs. On the 3rd December 2016, WWF Malaysia has organized a conference aiming at gathering youth to embark on a discourse surrounding sustainable topic, especially on Sustainable Consumption & Production (SCP), […]

Youth Assembly at the United Nations!

This 3 day event at the United Nations is aimed towards young leaders ages 16-28 of any nationalities to come together and tackle world problems. There will be a great diversity within the delegates, as the delegates will be coming from at least 70 countries who are member states of the United Nations. http://www.youthassembly.nyc/individual-registration Early bird registration ends […]

We made Open IDEO’s shortlist

We’re proud to have made Open IDEO’s top 40 Innovative Solutions in Ending Food Waste. Help us refine our idea by participating in the discussion here: https://challenges.openideo.com/challenge/food-waste/refinement/combating-food-waste-by-sharing-meals/comments#!

The Forgotten Ones

My parents grew up in post-war China, when food was already a dwindled resource. I haven’t heard all of the stories, but finding enough to eat was often a bigger concern than making sure they ate right. When they made it to the United States, their first apartments were in Manhattan’s Chinatown and food continued […]

NYU Meal Plans Explained!

Make your best decision about your NYU Meal Plan! Available for download.

Pathways to  Zero Hunger

The Zero Hunger Challenge was launched by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in 2012 to achieve the goal of relieving hunger, malnutrition, and rural poverty through the transformation of our currently existing food systems. On September 22nd, the United Nations will be hosting the Pathways to Zero Hunger event, which will be attended by Heads of State […]

The Share Meals App

The Share Meals App is a digital platform where you can give and receive extra food. It works in real time, based on your location. With a quick glance, you can find extra food within a 5 minute walking distance.

Web and Android available now! iOS available soon!

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